Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics
Whether you’re looking for better operational monitoring or a comprehensive energy management system, we have the right solution.

SkySpark, our advanced analytics platform, provides clear real-time visualization of all your operational data.

Advanced monitoring or “continuous commissioning” scans for changes in your environment that indicate equipment is not performing optimally. SkySpark alerts you, at a glance, what the problem is and its probable cause.

No more waiting for “alarms”. Reduce your maintenance costs by correcting problems before they happen. And before they cost you money.

SkySpark captures your energy consumption profile in a simple meaningful graphical interface. Identify and rectify systems not running to specification and reduce your energy costs. You can even optimize your operation based on weather forecasts and time-of-day energy rates.

Our solution readily integrates to your existing building management systems, through the power of the NiagaraAX framework or interfacing directly to your platforms.

We can easily integrate to your business systems as well, providing accurate consolidated information to reconcile against your operating budgets.

SkySpark will change the way you think about resource management. And the way you see it.

Put our cloud-based analytics solutions to work for your operation.

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